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Happy 2nd Birthday, Poly Land!

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Two years ago today, I converted this site over to a daily publishing schedule. And I made a public commitment to myself — and to anyone watching at the time — that no matter what, I would publish a new article here _every. Single. Day. _

For two years, I’ve kept that promise. It hasn’t always been easy. There have been plenty of struggles with writer’s block. And I have a lot going on in my personal and professional life. But I’ve made it happen (it does help that I’ve been able to write and schedule ahead, which helps with when I have to travel and made it so there was no interruption of posts no matter what was going on in my life, including when I underwent surgery).

And now here we are!

Poly Land’s second year has been even more wonderful than the first. I released a second book. My third, Dealing with Difficult Metamours, will be launching very soon, and I have a few more exciting book projects ready to go not too long after, as part of our third year.

Poly Land also won a number of awards this past year. Poly Land was featured by Molly’s Daily Kiss as one of their top 100 blogs (at #22). And Poly Land was also named Kinkly’s blogger of the month, the first polyamory blog to hold that honor ( I had a blast doing the interview with them for that).

My Favorite Reader Story of the Year

I’ve had a number of readers reach out to us this past year sharing their stories and/or asking for advice. I’d like to tell you about my favorite reader letter I received this year.

Essentially, this reader had been reading us for some time because she was polycurious and wanted to learn as much about polyamory as she could. She was very excited about the prospect of consensual non-monogamy but still not quite sure how she was going to have the opening up talk with her husband. As she was preparing to do this, she read our site regularly but when she was done, she’d then close down everything and log off. One day, she was tired and just walked away from her computer without properly shutting it down, leaving all her Chrome tabs open, which included a lot of posts from this site. This wouldn’t have been a problem except her husband jumped on her computer to print something off since his wasn’t working and saw all the Poly.Land articles his wife had been reading.

When he approached her about it, she became very nervous… until he revealed that he’d been reading Poly.Land, too, trying to figure out how to ask _her _about opening up.

So it was pretty cool to be part of that conversation… even from a distance. I do love a happy ending.


Here are the most popular posts from the last year. (Posts that made last year’s lists were ineligible, see this post for the top posts of our first year.)

Poly.Land’s Top 10 Most Popular Posts (9/1/2017 – 8/31/2018) #

  1. 8 Times Mister Rogers Gave Excellent Polyamory Advice
  2. How to Be Jealous in a Productive Way (9 Steps)
  3. Cultivating Compersion Can Be a Helpful Distraction from the Pain of Tackling Jealousy and Insecurity
  4. How Bisexual Erasure and Toxic Monogamy Culture Are Linked
  5. 8 Lessons That I Learned From Both Polyamory and Kink 
  6. What My D/s Relationship Is Really Like
  7. Why I’m Not a Fan of One Penis Policy
  8. The Tyranny of Tackebacksies and When Hierarchy Goes Mean
  9. Yes, I’m a Wholesome Slut. And I’m Not the Only One.
  10. Reasons Why 5 Ambiamorous People Are Functionally Monogamous…At Least For Now

My 10 Favorite Posts That Didn’t Make the Previous List

  1. I Used to Think Loving Someone Meant Never Hurting Them
  2. I Don’t Get Over Things by Forgetting Them. I Do It by Remembering & Making Sense of Them.
  3. The Overstressed Hinge: Stuck in the Middle & Playing Tom-Toms
  4. Don’t Mind Me, I’m a Refurbished Model
  5. Polymathy Confuses People Just As Much As, If Not More Than, Polyamory
  6. How to Fail at Communication Before You Say a Single Word
  7. It’s a Different World for Bisexual Women 
  8. Why Don’t You Beat Me Anymore?: Of BDSM and Dead Bedrooms
  9. 9 Reasons I Move Slowly in Relationships (And It’s Not Because I Don’t Care) 
  10. There’s Never a Good Time to Write About Passive-Aggression


Thank you so much for another wonderful year, readers!

And a special thank you to everyone who makes Poly Land possible, especially to our supporters on Patreon as well as to our staff. This shebang started out as nearly all me — but after two years, we’ve really grown. Nowadays, between guest writing, social media moderation, and technical support, there are eight of us total making this happen. Wow!

I’m so excited to see what year three brings.

Thank you so much for being part of it. It means the world to me.


Happy Birthday, Poly Land!
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