Not Every Message Is Meant for You… and That’s Okay

a globe
Image by Wendy Cope / CC BY

Once upon a time, I thought the world revolved around me.

What a thing to say, right? Such arrogance.

A lot of times when people say that someone thinks the world revolves around them, they mean that the person expects special favors or extra good treatment from the universe.

I’ve never really experienced that kind of feeling when it came to the world revolving around me.  » Read more

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What Is Aphantasia?

a blank canvas
Image by Celeste Lindell / CC BY

“I apparently have aphantasia,” I told my friend. “Didn’t know it had a name.”

“Really?!” she said.

“Yeah, I have no visual imagination,” I replied.

“That’s fascinating that you write with that to me,” she said. “Mine is lackluster but not complete lack like aphantasia is.”

I laughed.  » Read more

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Confessions of a Recovering People Pleaser: Discovering Places Between Pushover and Pusher

a tower of colorful blocks (that are stacked like a Jenga tower) with several blocks off to the side on the table
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

I write quite frequently about being a recovering people pleaser, including one piece I wrote for a client about the 10 biggest lessons I learned while recovering from people pleasing.

And yet… sometimes I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface in addressing how profoundly different my thinking was before I began to critically examine it.  » Read more

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Sudden Salesmen, Boiling Frogs, and Creeping Concessions — Oh My!

a figurine of a frog holding a heart
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

Reasonable people end up in truly unreasonable situations all the time. Situations in which someone is asking something big and inappropriate of them.

Sometimes when this happens, there’s a moment of clarity. A strong rebellion that onsets. Where you find yourself saying, “No. Screw you.” Perhaps for the first time ever to the person in question.  » Read more

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