I Really Wish I Could Attend at Least One of My Father’s Funerals in Person

a graveyard
Image by Emmett Tulos / CC BY

I’m not sure why I feel so apologetic whenever Mom asks the question I’m getting used to getting from her. “Are the covid cases going down in Dallas yet?”

“No,” I text back. “They’re going up.”

It’s been a long string of record days. Everything’s going in the wrong direction.

A Different Funeral Experience Than Any of Us Had Planned

When Dad passed away in April,  » Read more

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Moving Forward Isn’t About Having No Regrets. It’s About What You Do With the Regrets You Have.

cement with the words "live with no regrets" painted on it in cursive in black
Image by Jason Howie / CC BY

It’s very easy to say you have no regrets, and it sounds damn cool. It gives off the impression that you’re either a person who is supremely confident. Or one who has mastered the art of self-compassion.

I’m pretty sure I’ve even said it in passing. In my everyday life and maybe even in my essays.  » Read more

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When You Already Know What Your Problem Is & What to Do About It

a couch
Image by Brian Teutsch / CC 0

“I think you’re much too hard on yourself,” he says. “You have a strong negative self-bias.”

“One of the strongest of anyone you’ve ever met?” I ask.

He nods. “You think everything’s your fault, whenever anything goes wrong. And it’s not.”

I know what he means. In a perverse confirmation of what he’s saying,  » Read more

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The Grass Is Always Greener in My Head

a closeup photo of a blade of very green grass with morning dew clinging to the blade
Image by wishvam / CC BY

I am really good at falling in love. And when I do, I typically put people up on pedestals. In fact, it was only a few years ago that I stopped doing that. And it took being on the other side of things, dating someone who had me up on a really high pedestal.

So high that when I showed up as just little old me and not a goddess that shattered her wildest expectations…  » Read more

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