The Ruthful Pragmatist: You Can Tell A Lot About a Person From the Trade-Offs They Choose

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Image by Pixabay / CC 0

Most people know the word “ruthless.” It’s fairly commonly used. It means “having or showing no pity for others.”

And “pragmatic” means “practical.”

So a ruthless pragmatist is a person who is so practical that they go for what they want, screw the cost. They care about results before everything else,  » Read more

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PQ 20.2 — Boats & Lighthouses: Collective Risk Assessment in Polyamorous Relationship Systems

a lighthouse next to a home
Image by Matthew Shiel / CC BY

20.2 How do I feel about me or my partner having sex with someone whose STI status is unknown? What do I consider “safer sex” under such circumstances?


“I’m going to camp soon, and there are going to be people there I might want to play with. So I wanted to talk about what you’re comfortable with,”  » Read more

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