Huh. Apparently Introverts Are Struggling MORE with Lockdown & Isolation Than Extroverts

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These are truly strange times. As of this writing, I have barely seen anyone other than my live-in partner for about seven months. When I had to go in for a physical exam, labs, and a flu shot at my primary care physician’s office (because I was many months overdue and they refused to refill my migraine meds until I came in and proved to them I was still alive),  » Read more

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Nobody Weaponizes Kink Like I Do

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“You know,” I say, “I feel like I’ve been training for lockdown for years and years.”

“Oh?” he replies.

I nod. “All that delayed gratification kink work I’ve been doing is really coming in handy.”

He laughs, but I explain that I’m not joking. Not really. It’s true that a lot I’ve wanted to do has gone on hold for what will likely be a long while yet (and has been about seven months on hold so far).  » Read more

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Growing Up Trying to Be as Little Hassle as Possible

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I was a really happy-go-lucky kid. Naturally. But as I grew older, I learned to lean more into this feeling. I took on a willingness to compromise. Didn’t need to get much of what I wanted.

This was because I had a few very particular people who also lived in my household. And they were always holding everything up.  » Read more

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People Are Having Less Sex During the Pandemic Because of COVID-19-Related Relationship Conflicts

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When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the United States, a lot of people were joking about an uptick in babies 9 months later. The idea was that with lockdown in place, we’d have very little to do. Few ways to entertain ourselves. And so people would resort to baby-making with full force.

As I write this,  » Read more

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It’s Common to Fantasize about Consensual Non-Monogamy & Reality Generally Lives Up to Fantasy

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I recently stumbled onto a study that explores something I don’t actually have much experience with: The experience of fantasizing about consensual non-monogamy. As some long-time readers may know, I wasn’t all that interested in open relationships before I suddenly found myself in one. Polyamory came and found me, not the other way around.

So I don’t have a lot of experience with fantasizing about consensual non-monogamy without having tried it.  » Read more

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