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Social Media Policies

TL;DR: We may hide, delete, or ban users at any time for any reason, but we usually have good reasons.

Poly Land strives to be an accepting and high-quality source of information about relationships and polyamory in general. On all of our social media accounts, we welcome viewpoints, both supporting and opposing, with well thought out arguments, nuanced and respectful debate, and the sharing of both low points and triumphs. To that end, we may hide or ban users. The Poly Land communities are places for positive and nuanced discussion, and anything may be removed that does not further that goal. We use moderation in order to fight the scourge that is negative social media creep. In general, we moderate to keep Poly Land useful and relevant for all users.

If you disagree with these reasons, you are welcome to contact us privately or start your own conversations elsewhere.

You are more likely to get hidden or banned if you:

  • Use abusive language or attack other people or groups.
  • Post false information or content with little or no value
  • Troll or attempt to steer conversations negatively (attacking, using logical fallacies, etc)
  • Post advertisements or spam
  • Post without reading the original post or lack reading comprehension
  • Post multiple times in a row (spam) or continually post with little or no contribution.
  • Post confusing, poorly worded, or low-content comments or posts.