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Sex Positivity


Cupiosexual: When You’re Asexual, But You Still Want a Sexual Relationship
·509 words·3 mins
Advice Friend Sex Positivity


Men Who Are Intimidated by Vibrators & Those Who Aren’t
·636 words·3 mins
Sex Positivity


I’m Still Taking Birth Control After 20+ Years, But the Reason Has Changed
·1348 words·7 mins
Sex Positivity Survival
I Was Taught Sex Was Dangerous Over and Over Again Growing Up
·862 words·5 mins
Sex Positivity
Giving Reassurance Is Like Giving Head
·884 words·5 mins
Sex Positivity Survival
Sex Negativity Is Nigh Inevitable When People View Sex as Inherently Disrespectful
·2153 words·11 mins
Advice Friend Sex Positivity


When Sex Positivity Is Rape Culture With a Bow On It
·1950 words·10 mins
Guest Blog Post Sex Positivity
Yes, I’m a Wholesome Slut. And I’m Not the Only One.
·573 words·3 mins
Polyamory Sex Positivity
Why It’s Tempting to Fake Orgasms, But You Really Shouldn’t
·830 words·4 mins
Relationships Sex Positivity
Another Way of Looking at Slut Shaming: “Stop Working So Hard, They’ll Expect the Rest of Us to Do It, Too”
·886 words·5 mins
Research Sex Positivity