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Sex Positivity


How Are We Supposed to Really Understand Sex If We’re Not Comfortable Talking About It?
·768 words·4 mins
Sex Positivity
Not Just Cheating: The Other Kind of Unethical Non-Monogamy
·847 words·4 mins
Polyamory Sex Positivity
Proxic: Toxic by Proxy
·438 words·3 mins
Misc Sex Positivity
The Difference Between Sex Geekery and Dirty Talk: Arousal and Poor Boundaries
·482 words·3 mins
Sex Positivity
Firing a Gun into a Dark Room: Strip Clubs, Sex Trafficking, and the Hidden Cost of Hedonism
·2119 words·10 mins
Guest Blog Post Sex Positivity
I Take Sex Advice from Gay Boys: Review of Hummingbird Magic Wand Attachment
·433 words·3 mins
Sex Positivity


Threesomes, You’re Doing Them Wrong
·421 words·2 mins
Misc Sex Positivity
Decriminalizing Cheating
·1325 words·7 mins
Mental Health Polyamory Relationships Sex Positivity
Unsettled Down
·1531 words·8 mins
Poly Issues Polyamory/Monogamy Relationships Sex Positivity
“But what if they test positive?”
·2623 words·13 mins
Communication Kink Leather Family Poly Issues Polyamory/Monogamy Relationships Sex Positivity