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I Take Sex Advice from Gay Boys: Review of Hummingbird Magic Wand Attachment

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Sex Positivity

I learned at a very tender young age: Always trust sex advice from gay boys.

So when Fluffy and Pep said, “You have to try this toy! It’s a vibrator for guys that they actually like,” I perked the heck up and listened.

And Pep added, “Either way, you can review it for Poly Land!” He knows me so well.

Besides, it was about the price of a movie ticket if you go to one of those 3D XD screenings. At the very worst, I’d be paying for a bad movie. So why the heck not.

The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is a flexible sleeve with a cup on the bottom that attaches onto the end of a Magic Wand style vibrator. I used it with my old Hitachi and it fit great. You just lube up your partner’s erect penis (I lubed my test subject twice) and slide it into the sleeve portion.

And then you turn on the vibrator.

Pretty simple, actually.

The vibrator does a lot of the “heavy lifting,” although you can move the sleeve around a bit to make it even more interesting.

The Verdict: Pretty Awesome, Actually

I went into the experience with low expectations. My male guinea pig hadn’t been much for vibration in the past. He’d also used sex sleeves before and thought they were okay but nothing he was wild about.

So we were both shocked to discover that he had a wonderful time. “It kind of scrambled my brain… but in a good way,” he reported.

I had personally never heard him make quite those noises before. Great success.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you do decide to pick up one of these, make sure you use plenty of lube, just like you would with anything that vibrates.

And wash the sleeve out immediately after use.

It’s easy to clean. However, I would advise using a different one with each partner. This is a good general practice with sex toys but especially so with this one. The jelly-style plastic seems like it would be porous enough that I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing it under any circumstances.

Thankfully, the sleeve attachment itself is super cheap (seriously, I’ve spent more on a pizza), so it’s not a big deal to pick up another if you have multiple men in your life.

I do get a kickback if you buy one through the links here. But seriously, it was awesome.

It worked so well that I suddenly understood when some dudes in the past would get jealous of or threatened by my vibrator.



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