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You’re the Thing That’s Always Easy to Talk About

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It never fails. Whenever I feel completely creatively blocked… when I don’t think I have another thing left to say… I can write about you. The smaller the moment with you, the better.

It’s always easy to write about you. And I don’t know why. But I’m grateful for it. And for you.

I’m grateful for the way that over the many years of being together, we’re getting better at the easy parts. And better at the hard parts. And everything in between.

Even if it didn’t always look like progress on the way there. Even if there were rough spots and times when we found ourselves wondering — will we make it? Is it worth it?

You say you never worried about that. And I’m either flattered by this, or incredulous, depending on my mood.

But more and more, every day, I find myself trusting you more. Learning that there’s something more than trusting someone completely. There’s something more than maximum. Because of you, I’m learning that when it comes to emotions, numbers don’t make any sense. There isn’t a perfect. A superlative. A more than.

No, there’s just us. And everyone else in this glorious, life full of love and connection — of all kinds.

It’s funny… because I know that energy is finite. Time is energy. Life itself is finite.

But when I’m with you, love doesn’t feel finite at all. It feels larger than I can contemplate. Infinite for all intents and purposes, even if it’s clearly not.

It never fails. On the darkest days, when I feel paralyzed by fear, depressed by everything going on in the world, it’s effortless to talk about you. How you never stopped being my friend when we became lovers. How you’re adorable even when you’re cranky. How you make the best coffee I’ve ever had, and just when I get used to how good it is, you make some that’s even better.

You’re the thing that’s always easy to talk about. And I love you.


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