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How to Join Poly Land’s Private Discord Server

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Hey folks,

People have been asking me for ages to start a private group because the public Facebook Poly.Land page has offered a great sense of community to a lot of folks, but they wanted a private space where they could talk about things that was just as supportive and great as the vibe we have on our current social media.

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’m happy to announce that Poly Land has a Discord. A bunch of us are over there chatting already. I’m active on it myself.

Here’s how to access our Discord:

  1. Support Poly Land on Patreon (at any level, monthly or annually with 10% discount):
  2. Link Patreon and Discord, like so:
  3. If you don’t have Discord, you can download it from the app store or at this link:


The more public presences have been really wonderful, but it’s time to start a private group as well. This seemed like a good way to do it.

Being Patreon locked adds another layer of privacy and vetting, which is important. Helps keeps the jerks away. Bad faith actors, bots, etc., quickly swarm free and open servers, especially ones affiliated with a large public following, rendering those spaces awful places to be.

And even the tiny cost involved allows me to spend a lot of time developing the community and making it special versus being Just Another Discord Server (properly curated, moderated, and developed).

I’m excited. If nothing else, if we can create a place where kinder than average polyamorous people can chat and help one another, that’ll be worth doing the hard work managing the community.

Looking forward to talking to you on Discord and building an awesome supportive community there. It’s been great so far. We are shaping up to be the Bob Ross/Great British Bake Off of polyamory groups.

Thank you all so much,

Page Turner


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