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When the New Relationship Energy Fades…

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I like to say that New Relationship Energy is like seeing a person bathed in moonlight.

When the NRE fades, it’s like morning comes. You get to see the relationship as it really is. This can be good or bad. Sometimes you’re disappointed by how they look in the stark light of day.

But other times, you see all the more clearly that you belong with someone. You come to appreciate them in new, more lucid ways. Like all the small things that they do, that they never ask for credit for. Filling your car up with gas when you aren’t looking. Starting up your car on cold mornings.

The quiet things. The things that don’t shout but whisper seductively in your ear: I thought of you. I always think of you. You matter to me.

Sure, maybe you don’t always shave your legs. Or bother to put on pants or even your good nightie. And neither do they.

But they’re there when you reach across the bed. They say “I love you” when they’re still half-asleep. “I love you, I love you, I love you.” They even love you when they’re asleep.

And there’s a momentum there. A trending towards one another. An energy that’s hard to disrupt. And nothing outside the relationship harms it – no one, no thing. No, there are no threats once the new relationship energy fades and a beautiful morning dawns. Instead, there are only augmentations. Only ways for your love to show itself. To manifest.

And when that morning comes, when that new relationship energy fades, you are both known quantities. Society tells us this is boring. That we should worry.

And maybe we should never relax.

But maybe… just maybe, this is the beginning of the beautiful part. And maybe we should celebrate.

The only way to know is to take a risk. And see where the New Energy leads.


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