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Could it be any more Freudian?

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I’ve had my training collar for about a month. At first, I just wore it to events, and then Skyspook and I had a sit-down a week or two ago, at which he requested that I wear it as much as possible around the house, which I happily obliged. I don’t wear it outside the house other than to take out the trash or get the mail –  basically I don’t leave the property wearing it (one of our cardinal rules: Don’t scare the normals!), and I’ve been taking it off to sleep, work out, and shower.


Recently, I read Jay Wiseman’s SM 101: A Realistic Introduction, and he had mentioned submissives sleeping in their collar and reporting strange dreams as a result, which piqued my curiosity. I set my collar to its loosest setting (lest I strangle myself) and wore it to bed.


I dreamt that I was sharing a bed with my father. Not having sex with him. But literally sleeping in a king-sized bed with him. I was very uncomfortable with this.

My dear friend Kyrla (who actually lived with us at Chateau BFBH for a month or so when she lost her rent) graciously offered me an excuse to get out of the bed to tango with her. It was difficult at first as I’ve never led in tango (only followed), but she was a lovely partner, and I soon got  my bearings, and we danced beautifully all around the room, which was both a ballroom and my dad’s bedroom.


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