Dirty Girl Likes it Clean

I go further than a lot of girls are willing to go.

For one, I do floors.

Of all the kinky things I’ve found I’m into during this period of self-exploration, few have surprised me more than my love of domestic service.

When I moved in with Skyspook last May, his housemate. It’s tough living with a couple, let alone one who sleeps in the bedroom adjoined to yours, with a single wafer thin wall as a buffer. Oh, the things she must hear!

As a way of trying to make a peace offering, to ease the inevitable discomfort they must be feeling with me around all the time, I threw myself into cleaning and cooking at the new house, taking on a chore at a time. And as expected, it did seem to really make the transition easier for the both of us. What I wasn’t expecting was how positively Skyspook would respond. “It leaves more time for everything – including sex.” His mood was lighter. He seemed happier, more at ease.

I never thought that I, a born slob, would ever say that cleaning the house was the highlight of my day. But here I am, thrilled with this new role.

And I gotta say, Mr. Clean is rocking the Daddy Dom look.

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