Mission Statement

I am now embarking on a journey that I never thought I’d take.


I am beginning training to become Skyspook’s slave.


Our contract negotiations are still in the very preliminary phase, and the collar I wear is a training collar. We want to do this in the way that’s best for us, so it will probably be a very gradual transition, with lots of information and education gathering along the way.


I will still retain my voice for the foreseeable future. In fact, Skyspook has encouraged me to continue writing openly and blogging about my experiences as we do this, as it helps him and gives him valuable knowledge and also because I find the process so rewarding. Also, the two of us initially befriend and fell in love with each other because of the words we exchanged.


For protocols that affect our interactions with others, we will inform involved parties if and when issues arise that need to be addressed.


Please be respectful of my transition.

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