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Poly Issues


There First: Hierarchy, Loyalty, and “Dibs”
·849 words·4 mins
Poly Issues Polyamory
The Curse of Polyamorous Competence
·685 words·4 mins
Poly Issues Polyamory Relationships
PQ 2.2 — What configurations am I open to? Am I looking for a particular configuration because I’m afraid that others might be more scary or more threatening?
·854 words·5 mins
Poly Issues Polyamory Polyamory/Monogamy PQ Series Relationships
Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop: A Paradox
·393 words·2 mins
Poly Issues Polyamory Psychology Relationships
It’s Never About Sex, Except When It is
·875 words·5 mins
Poly Issues Relationships
It’s Not Actually Easy
·1390 words·7 mins
Communication Poly Issues
Of Poly and PMS
·1239 words·6 mins
Poly Issues Relationships
Poly People Are Crazy, But So is Everyone Else
·983 words·5 mins
Kink Mental Health Poly Issues Polyamory/Monogamy Relationships
Love Threesomes, Hate the Patriarchy
·1259 words·6 mins
Poly Issues Polyamory/Monogamy
Reddit Has Been Alarmingly Good for My Self-Esteem
·776 words·4 mins
Poly Issues Relationships