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I’m Suddenly Bothered By New Things After Quality Time with My Partner Got Cut Back. Any Thoughts?
·1226 words·6 mins
Advice Friend
I’m New to Polyamory. How Do I Deal With My Husband’s Negative Feelings?
·889 words·5 mins
Advice Friend
Parallel Polyamory, Kitchen Table Polyamory, and Knowing the Details or Not
·427 words·3 mins
Advice Friend Polyamory
Ask Page: My Partner Just Asked Me for STI Testing, Am I Being Slut Shamed?
·432 words·3 mins
Advice Friend Poly 101
The Two Things That Are Hardest for Me to Teach
·947 words·5 mins
Advice Friend Polyamory


Ask Page: I Thought Confidence Was Supposed To Be Attractive, Why Is It Turning Me Off?
·329 words·2 mins
Advice Friend Diet/Weight Loss Relationships
Ask Page: I Think I Want to Break Up with Him, But I Don’t Want to Lose the Friendship
·831 words·4 mins
Advice Friend
Ask Page: I Was Sure I Was Mono, Now I Think I’m Poly. Should I Tell My Dom?
·562 words·3 mins
Advice Friend D/S Polyamory/Monogamy
Ask Page: Being There While My Partner’s Conservative Family Is in Town
·727 words·4 mins
Advice Friend D/S Polyamory
Distressed by Another’s Jealousy: How to Deal With Guilt From Hurting a Partner
·1305 words·7 mins
Advice Friend Poly 101 Polyamory