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Another Way of Looking at Slut Shaming: “Stop Working So Hard, They’ll Expect the Rest of Us to Do It, Too”
·886 words·5 mins
Research Sex Positivity


The Conscientious Polyamorist
·1109 words·6 mins
Polyamory Research
Are Open Relationships Less Sexually Satisfying or Is Dating?: An Alternate Hypothesis
·565 words·3 mins
Polyamory Relationships Research
Stigma, Funding, and Getting Off the Fringe: An Interview with Dr. Terri Conley
·832 words·4 mins
Interview Polyamory Research


Memo to Future Dating Self: Screen for Self-Control
·564 words·3 mins
Polyamory Relationships Research
Altruism is Freaking Dead Sexy, Giving is Hot
·588 words·3 mins
Psychology Relationships Research
Dialing In and Out of Love
·241 words·2 mins
Relationships Research