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Beware the Autocorrect Gnome of Listening
·711 words·4 mins
How to Deal With It When One Partner Wants to Have Deep Conversations Before Bed & the Other Really Doesn’t
·939 words·5 mins
Advice Friend Communication
I Promise I Will Never Be Passive-Aggressive With You
·323 words·2 mins
Communication Relationships
I Wish I Didn’t Feel Like Having Deep Conversations Right Before Bed
·753 words·4 mins
Communication Relationships
If You Hear People Say Something Mean About Your Friend, Should You Tell Them?
·433 words·3 mins
Communication Relationships
“You’re Just Jealous”: When Being Open About Your Insecurities Causes Partners to Assume You’re Concern Trolling
·1126 words·6 mins
Communication Mental Health Polyamory
Saying “I Love You” Is for Me, Too
·350 words·2 mins
Communication Relationships
Working on Issues Can Look Different Depending On Who Is Doing It
·529 words·3 mins
Communication Relationships
Trolls Manipulate Our Inability to Let Other People Be Wrong
·344 words·2 mins
Refusing to Apologize for Your Mistakes Paradoxically Makes You Seem More Flawed
·441 words·3 mins