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I Thought “Be Friends First” Was Silly Relationship Advice… Until It Accidentally Happened to Me
·770 words·4 mins
It’s More Important to Follow Through on Your Commitments When You Don’t Have Exclusivity to Fall Back On 
·933 words·5 mins
Polyamory Relationships
Lap-Sitting Polyamory & The Love Borg: “We Are Metamours. Resistance Is Futile.”
·855 words·5 mins
Advice Friend
When Do You Decide Someone’s a Hopeless Case?
·355 words·2 mins
I Hate How People Assume “If Adding More People, Relationship Is Broken”
·518 words·3 mins
I Always Think Introverts Hate Me When They Don’t
·662 words·4 mins
Ask Page: Is the Grieving Process Different for Polyamorous Breakups, and If So, How?
·2185 words·11 mins
Advice Friend
Video Games That Let You Date Multiple People at Once
·835 words·4 mins
This Love Is Better Than What I Thought Could Exist.
·319 words·2 mins
I Wish I Could Send Feelings to You When I Have Them
·350 words·2 mins
Communication Relationships
I’ve Always Been Sensitive But Don’t Get Told I’m Too Sensitive Very Often Anymore
·700 words·4 mins
Jealousy Is a Check Engine Light
·453 words·3 mins
Poly 101 Polyamory Relationships
I Didn’t Expect to Fall in Love When I Moved to Texas, But Here I Am
·697 words·4 mins
I’m Not Convinced I Fit In, But No One’s Kicked Me Out Yet
·827 words·4 mins
The Details Are What Make Me Feel Loved… Not the Grand Gestures
·331 words·2 mins
I Have This Friend Who Keeps Getting Stinkfished
·408 words·2 mins
When One Partner Wants to Have Important Relationship Discussions Via Text & the Other Wants to Have Them in Person
·913 words·5 mins
Communication Relationships
Agency and Autonomy (or Lack Thereof) in Partnering and Parenting
·1391 words·7 mins
Polyamory Relationships
When Dealing with Other People, It’s Important to Account for the Possibility That They’re Different Than You Are
·1062 words·5 mins
Advice Friend
8 Times Mister Rogers Gave Excellent Polyamory Advice
·1655 words·8 mins
Lists Polyamory Relationships
Sometimes Forgetting Is Good for a Relationship; Other Times It Isn’t
·632 words·3 mins
The Golden Rule Is for Strangers. Use the Platinum Rule for Those You Know Well.
·934 words·5 mins
The Hardest Part of Loving an Introvert
·324 words·2 mins
Polyamory Isn’t a Fear of Commitment. It’s a Love of Commitment.
·542 words·3 mins
What Is a Situationship?
·572 words·3 mins
When They Say, “The Hell With Your Life, Step Into Mine.”
·335 words·2 mins
Sex Negativity Is Nigh Inevitable When People View Sex as Inherently Disrespectful
·2153 words·11 mins
Advice Friend Sex Positivity
Rolling His Ideas About Me Around in His Head, Tumbling Them Like Stones
·828 words·4 mins
Don’t Say “We Need to Talk.” Do This Instead.
·616 words·3 mins
Communication Relationships
I Never Want Another Relationship Where I Feel Like I Have to Parent My Partner
·386 words·2 mins

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