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The Newest Book in a Polyamorous Urban Fantasy Series Is Out!

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Hey folks,

This is just a quick post to let you know that The Ecumenopolis, the fourth book in the Psychic State series is out! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series, the Psychic State books are urban fantasy mysteries with polyamorous main characters. From the first book in the series:

Fortunetellers. Demotivational speakers. Disillusioned shapeshifters.

You never know quite who — or what — you’ll run into in Psychic City, but that’s what makes life interesting for a PsyOps agent. Penny is a spirit medium hounded by hordes of undead fans, Karen is an empath who spends most of her time hiding beneath an oversized hoodie, and Viv is an eideticist with prophetic visions, a photographic memory, and a lot of baggage she’d just as soon forget. They might not always know exactly what they’re doing, but when they’re working together to investigate paranormal crime, they get results.

That’s until a string of murders targets the city’s psychic population, hitting a little close to home and putting the trio of detectives to the ultimate test.

The fourth installment of the series focuses on Amarynth, a.k.a. “the Cassandra of PsyOps,” the long-suffering introverted Connections Agent with an uncanny knack for knowing things she shouldn’t. Unfortunately, because she’s not good at explaining how she knows what she does, other people underestimate her abilities and rarely believe her, to their own detriment. The events of _The Ecumenopolis _take place immediately after the end of Psychic Inferno.

More information about The Ecumenopolis

Ecumenopolis (from Greek: οἰκουμένη oecumene, meaning “world”, and πόλις polis “city,” thus “a world city”) is the hypothetical concept of a planetwide city. * Psychic plague. Mirror-walking. Generational curses.

Haunted by vivid dreams of a planetwide city, Amarynth the Connections Agent takes to writing for self-expression only to find that the man from her poetry shows up unexpectedly.

As she’s investigating this strange occurrence, a plague descends upon the Psychic State, and Amarynth learns more about herself and her psychic powers than she ever dreamed possible.

Here are a few excerpts: 

“There’s enough shame in the world. Maybe an overabundance.”

“There’s probably the right amount of shame in the world,” Change said. “It just ends up pooling in the wrong places. It’s like money that way. There’s enough to go around if everyone would just share equally, but that’s not how it works. Lots of inequality. Some have all the money. Some have all the shame. Rarely does anyone have a lot of both.”


Karen peered out the front window. “Why in the world is Martin driving a murder van?” she said.

“A murder van?” Viv joined her at the window. “Karen, that’s just a panel van.”

“Oh sure,” Karen replied. “Then why are serial killers always driving them? Snatching up children. Or college students. Or… whoever.”

“Because there are no windows in the back and plenty of storage,” Viv replied. “The same reasons they’re a popular choice for handymen.”


“There’s this myth about rugged individualism and how it makes you better than other people,” Change said. “We’re told that the strongest people don’t care what other people think of them. That worrying about what others think of you is a form of weakness. It’s an especially popular myth in the Psychic State. The flag with that dumb lone star that’s supposed to be an inspiring symbol. Talk about upward mobility porn. Blech.” He shook his head and scrunched up his nose as though he had smelled something disgusting.

“The truth is,” Change continued, “it’s the most reprehensible people who don’t care what anyone else thinks of them. The real assholes. Oh, true, you shouldn’t let randos be the judge of whether you’re living your life right. That’s taking it too far in the other direction.  Just like you wouldn’t judge your beauty in a cracked mirror, you shouldn’t let any old jackass determine whether what you’re doing is right or wrong.”

-Page Turner, The Ecumenopolis

You can purchase the books from the links below. Want to help out? Leave a review after you’ve read the book — and tell other people about it. Thank you all!

Psychic State Series on Amazon

Psychic State Series on Smashwords EPUB (no DRM)

The Ecumenopolis (#4):

Amazon Kindle or Paperback

Smashwords EPUB (no DRM)


…and over the next several days, it will become available anywhere books are sold, just like the rest of the series.


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