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Miracle Workers (Surprise Project) Is Out! And Other Updates…

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Hello everyone,

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these update meta posts — and there’s a reason for that. Behind the scenes, I’ve been incredibly busy.

As some of you might know, this new site design first rolled out in February 2021. I’ve talked about it bit in passing, but basically as Poly Land grew more popular, we had more people trying to hack us and take the site down. (Yes, really. It happens when any site gets enough traffic; you become a more prestigious target.)

I wanted to update our look anyway, so I worked with a tech consultant to build a new site design that would not only look nice but be a helluva lot more secure. Unfortunately, the security systems that were installed were kinda overzealous, so a bunch of people couldn’t access the new site. My tech people tweaked the low-hanging fruit for me, and most of the problems that people were having disappeared.

But a few readers still kept having issues.

It has been a continual process where my tech people have talked to other tech people, all asking each other what the problem could be. It was like the sphinx’s riddle. Nobody could figure it out. Until the other day. Happy to report that it seems like our tech issues are resolved.

Huzzah! I can’t tell you how stressful this has been. I’ll talk more below about why fixing the website stuff is a big deal. But first, let me tell you about a cool surprise project that just launched.

Surprise! Miracle Workers, a Kindle Vella Serial

So those of you over at Patreon already know about this (as well as some background on how I arrived at this particular idea, etc.), but the big news this week is that I have launched a serial for Kindle Vella called Miracle Workers.

Here’s a quick summary:

At the Division of Miracles, anything can happen, and yet it’s so hard to get anything done. In this sci-fi story, a colorful ensemble cast works miracles while being thwarted by a faceless corporation, rogue accounting systems, a city that remodels itself whenever it wants, and each other.

What others have said:

“Office Space meets The Adjustment Bureau.”

“What would happen if angels from every D&D alignment were forced to work together to save humanity from itself.”

It was my editor’s suggestion that this serial might be something good to write while the third and fourth Psychic State books are being edited and prepared for publication, so that readers excited for those have some fiction by me to read in the meantime. The first 4 episodes of Miracle Workers are currently live — and the 5th is written and scheduled to come out August 1 (and the 6th episode is titled, outlined, and well underway). I’m aiming for releasing a new episode every week.

So yeah. Miracle Workers is a fun side project for me (and for you, if you enjoy my fiction). The first 3 episodes are free! After that, they start costing a tiny little bit… my episodes are about 2000 words long, which comes out to 20 cents apiece (or less, if you buy larger token bundles, which discount the tokens). As I’m writing this post, Amazon is also doing a deal where they’re giving out 200 tokens for free if you’re new to Vella. Right now you can read via browser or iOS app, but were in Vella’s soft launch at the moment — rumor has it that if it takes off, they’ll bring it to Kindle as well.

We Have Other Website Projects in the Works

Anyway, as I mentioned above, I have some other website projects in the works that were on hold until we figured out what was up the security stuff. Understandably, we wanted to perfect our base infrastructure before making other sites based on it.

I’m working with my tech team on it — and hope to have some more info on those new launches for you soon. But I’m super excited. Generally speaking, I’m going to be launching some additional free polyamory resources as well as resources for creative people and folks who want to build and grow platforms (since over the years running this site I’ve learned a tremendous amount about that).

I’ll have more information as things progress. I’m just glad to be over that hurdle. It was beyond frustrating.

Fingers crossed on it. You never know with tech. But I’m doing my best with a lay understanding and a verrrrry limited tech budget (like many writers, I’m a starving artist).

Thank You for All the Kind Words About Psychic Inferno and Psychic State

I also wanted to make sure I took the opportunity to thank you folks for all the kind words about Psychic Inferno and the Psychic State series in general. It’s meant the world to me to hear from you about the books. And it’s been so gratifying putting murder mysteries that feature a large ensemble cast of polyamorous characters out into the world.

As I mentioned before, I’m currently making good progress on Book #5 (currently called Psychic Salvation), so you will have plenty to read if you are into this series. Salvation is so funny. I’m dying writing the thing. Can’t wait to share it with you.

But at least the first two books are out. And the next two after that are at the editor. And in the meanwhile, I’ll be releasing new episodes of Miracle Workers regularly. (The serial is a lot easier to produce since it’s an ad hoc project and doesn’t require the editing and layout work that the novels do. My team is wonderful, but their process does take time.)

And a special thank you to everyone who leaves a rating or a review for any of my books once you’ve read them. It helps other people find them, which I appreciate tremendously.

Alright! That’s enough meta for now. Back to work with.

Thank you so much for reading,

Page Turner


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