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How Things Are Going & What I’m Working On

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Hey folks,

Just wanted to drop a quick line today to let you know how things are going with various projects I’ve announced. Last month, I launched a Kindle Vella serial called Miracle Workers. Originally, it was only available through the Vella program, but after double checking the terms and conditions of that program, I was able to confirm that I could also offer it on Patreon. I know some of you don’t use Amazon, and so I’m happy to be able to have an alternative for you. The first 3 episodes are available over there unlocked at the Patron level; the rest of the series is available to Preview supporters and higher tiers.

I had some folks ask if there were polyamorous characters in this serial. The answer is yes! And that starts being explored in Episode 7 (I had a lot of character development and world-building work to do at the beginning).

I’ve been really pleased with how it’s going. As I’m writing this post, this past week Miracle Workers has managed to crack the top 100 on Vella. And we hit #2 on #angels. Neato. Even though it’s a new platform, there are thousands of serials on there already, so this is impressive. Each serial episode is approximately 2000 words long, and there will be at least 40 episodes in it (but likely more).

This has been a really fun project while I’m waiting for the next two Psychic State books (Minerva the Liar and The Ecumenopolis) I’ve already written and submitted to my editor to be ready for publication (it can be a time-consuming process).

Speaking of which…

The Psychic State Series

Thank you again to everyone who has read and/or had kind words about Psychic Inferno and the Psychic State series. It’s been hard working writing murder mysteries with a large ensemble cast of polyamorous characters (again, tons of character development and world building to do at the beginning of such a venture).

Books 3 and 4 of Psychic State Series (Minerva the Liar & The Ecumenopolis)

For those of you who have finished Psychic Inferno (Psychic State #2) and are excited for the next couple of books, I’ll do my best to talk about them a bit without ruining any of the big surprises (a task which is getting more difficult as the series goes on).

Minerva the Liar: This book takes place before the events of Psychic City and Psychic Inferno and provides a lot of backstory/explanation for how the Psychic State came to be and introduces a form of powerful intuitives called truthshapers as well as a secret society of matriarchal bureaucrats.

The Ecumenopolis: Ecumenopolis (from Greek: οἰκουμένη oecumene, meaning “world”, and πόλις polis “city”, thus “a world city”) is the hypothetical concept of a planetwide city. This book focuses primarily on Amarynth, a.k.a. “the Cassandra of PsyOps,” the long-suffering introverted Connections Agent with an uncanny knack for knowing things she shouldn’t. Unfortunately, because she’s not good at explaining how she knows what she does, other people underestimate her abilities and rarely believe her, to their own detriment. The events of The Ecumenopolis take place immediately after the end of Psychic Inferno.

Those will be the third and fourth books. The real question is which one is third and which one is fourth. My editor is currently making that determination, which order would be best. I can frankly see both orders working well — but in different ways.

Believe it or not, I actually started writing Minerva the Liar first, before I wrote Psychic City. As I was writing Minerva, however, I had a dream (the first scene of Psychic City in which Viv, Penny, and Karen discover a body in the woods), and I realized I had to write Psychic City first. After I finished Psychic City, I went back and finished writing Minerva the Liar. This was before I wrote Psychic Inferno.

After I wrote Minerva the Liar, however, I realized it would be cruel to leave people hanging at the end of Psychic City and that it made sense for Minerva the Liar to come out third, after Psychic Inferno (as Psychic Inferno provides the answers to a lot of immediate questions raised by Psychic City).

Psychic Salvation (Book #5)

I’m currently hard at work finishing the first draft of Psychic Salvation (Psychic State #5). It’s a bit longer than the first 4 books in the series — there’s a lot of business to wrap up at the end of the first quintet of books (yes, the first quintet; there will be at least 10 books in the series but likely more than that). I’m about halfway finished it, however.

It’s going so well. I’m very hard on myself and my work, and I rarely see the value in my own writing, but this book is hilarious. I’m going to be thrilled when it finally comes out. Without going too far into Spoilertown, one of the major plot lines in Psychic Salvation involves a shapeshifter trying to be the romantic lead on a reality TV show dating twenty-five psychics at once before some of the contestants end up murdered. Ridiculous? Yes. But delightfully so. There are also a ton of other things going on in this book (for example, we get a lot more information about Karen’s emotional avatar friends in this volume).

How You Can Support These Projects

Any time I release a new book, I hear from you folks asking how you can help spread the word. You are so amazing. I feel like I need to work hard to be a better writer so I can explain to you how much you mean to me.

The answer is this: There are so many ways to help me. Of course, it helps if you pick up the book yourself, tell other people about the book (tell your friends, let people know that the book is good via social media, in online groups and forums, etc.)

And I want to give a special thank you to everyone who leaves a rating or a review for  any of my books once you’ve read them. It helps other people find them, which I appreciate tremendously. Yes, even if you’re critical — although I love it when people actually enjoy what I wrote, I’m only human.


But yes! That’s where the longer-term projects I can talk about stand. I’m hoping to have some other news to announce here in the upcoming months. (I have lots I’m working on. You readers make me want to push myself and work hard and keep trying to be a better writer.)

In any event, thanks as always for reading.



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