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These Are Very Strange Times & It’s Hard to Know What to Expect

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It isn’t what I’d have chosen normally, getting a dental cleaning during the middle of the Omicron spike, but I got the text reminder asking me to confirm my appointment, and I hesitated.

It would be so easy to cancel. A few swipes here and there.

But as I mentioned in a previous post, I went over a year without going to the dentist when I moved cross-country and then COVID hit, and while I did my best to perform homecare with that tedious routine most people are familiar with (brushing, flossing, etc.), my mouth was nonetheless in rough shape when I finally saw my new dentist.

But they did their best. I did mine.

And while it was tempting to cancel my appointment, or to reschedule/postpone it anyhow, I decided to confirm. To go.

Yes, during the Omicron spike.

(For reference, I’m doubled vaxxed and boosted. That said, I’m moderately high risk due to some chronic health issues. I’m diligent with masking and distancing, especially when the local numbers are ominous. I have a life post-vaccine and things I have to go into public for. But I haven’t caught COVID yet. I could, especially with how contagious Omicron. But as of writing this essay, I haven’t. No judgment for those who have, especially people who are being sensible with mitigation/prevention strategies and simply get unlucky, which happens.)

I weighed the options and decided the risk to my health by delaying the dental appointment wasn’t worth it. I know myself. It would be far too easy to get lost to followup and end up with my mouth in a bad place again. And after a while, that gets to be a huge cardiac risk, if you let your gums go to ruin.

So I confirmed.

I anticipated it to be the riskiest thing I do for a bit — since I have to take off my mask for extended periods of time indoors in public to get my teeth cleaned (as one does).

Well, imagine my surprise when I got to the dentist, and I was the only patient there.

It was positively spooky. I felt like I had my own private dentist. (She wore a mask.)

I imagine it’s because so many people are sick right now with Omicron. That and canceling procedures that can wait, as I was tempted to.

Anyway, my teeth and gums were in much better shape than I’d feared they’d be (I tend to be a worrywart, and my initial appointment with them had been rather grim and I needed some procedures).

It turned out so differently than I’d envisioned all of it.

These are very strange times, and it’s hard to know what to expect.


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