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Little Breakthroughs Can Frankly Be Huge… Even If Not Everyone Understands What It Means Right Away

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Y’all, I’m so excited. Why’s that?

It’s because I baked a pretty terrific quiche yesterday.

Now, it took some fussing to figure out exactly how long to cook it so it’d be set up but not end up with the eggs all rubbery.

This is a big deal, even though it doesn’t sound like it is. Because I didn’t just cook dinner, I developed a new skill. I found yet another way to solve a problem I have a lot — where I need to eat and there’s a bunch of weird stuff in my fridge.

It takes basically no finesse or preplanning to throw it together. It’s an “I can’t think tonight” meal that tastes fancy. Your classic win-win.

Because I have developed a flexible personal recipe for quiche that allows me to throw literally whatever I have leftover in the fridge into the dish and have the finished product come out the correct consistency.

This is great as I accidentally bought too many eggs. Way too many eggs. And I have a ton of extra premade pie crusts in the freezer from Thanksgiving, because Costco sold me an absurd quantity for cheap, like they do there.

So it’s not just a new recipe… it’s another pivotal meal-planning tactic.

When a Little Change Opens Up Countless Options

I told a friend I’d finally figured out a good quiche base recipe, and she wanted to know what I put in mine, since she’s looking for ideas. Here’s what I told her:

Last night I added a mix of turkey pepperoni (quartered), real bacon bits, and mushrooms with sharp cheddar. Kept it really tame, really simple.

I’ve been reading where people put chicken tikka masala and rice into quiche though, and I’m excited to try that. I might shred some provolone into that.

If it were just me, I’d probably turn into a mad scientist and try everything. I think smoked salmon and asparagus could be fun – serve with some hollandaise on the side. But my partner wouldn’t like that.

I’m also certainly going to do something Tex-Mex in the future — maybe put some beans, taco meat, and rice in the thing. (Perhaps a bit of corn/red bell pepper?) Serve with enchilada sauce/salsa on the side.

I think quinoa would add an interesting texture! Oh and I saw recipes for loaded baked potato ones (they cut the potato into chunks or slices and boil them first) that I will almost certainly be trying.

See what I mean? Figuring out how to make quiche in my oven is frankly kind of major. It unlocks a whole new genre of meals, one that can be flexible and exciting.

Little Breakthroughs Can Frankly Be Huge… Even If Not Everyone Understands Right Away

The reality is that little breakthroughs can frankly be huge… even if not everyone understands right away when you’re telling them about the breakthrough and how much it means to you. I’ve found that to be the case with many things — not just with cooking.

A tiny tweak can feel like epiphany and lead to so many other great things. But most of the time other people don’t quite get it. Not until they see it in practice. Not until they start running into all the ways down the road that it manifests. Not until you show up one night with a killer chicken tikka quiche in one hand and a loaded potato quiche in the other.

That’s when most people get it. And not a moment before.

But that’s okay. It’s your epiphany. You know. And I’m happy and excited for you.


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