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Thank You, Perverted Podcast!

·136 words·1 min

“Bam, right in the face, k’boom, drop the mic, fuck off, bitch!”

-Count Boogie

The Perverted Podcast in Los Angeles discussed our post “Atheism and Poly: What’s Stopping You?” on their show (from 28:27 to 38:11).

We’re very glad to hear that our post prompted such a good discussion.

Lots of other good stuff on the show, too — they’re very funny kinky folks.  And talk about very interesting things. They can be so delightfully random.

Just a few examples:

  • Dendrophilia (i.e., attraction to trees).
  • How domming can interface with patient care and even leadership, when discussing a piece by another writer about a nurse using her BDSM skillset in order to help a patient in crisis, without realizing that’s what she’s doing until later.
  • A Sylvester Stallone tangent that leads to a clown van kidnapping.



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