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On Obscurantism

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Misc Writing

I was cruising through some old chat logs for a romantic trip down memory lane and came across myself explaining to Skyspook about my personal views on language:


Conversation with skyspook at 5/11/2011 on irc:

(2:50:32 PM) page: I wanted to say it without saying it
(2:50:44 PM) page: that’s how poetry is, I guess
(2:51:19 PM) page: I like to address the space around things, the myriad connections between people and objects, the layers of existence, etc
(2:51:28 PM) page: without naming them or cataloguing them
(2:51:34 PM) page: describe them by the space around them
(2:51:57 PM) page: it’s like the phenomenon of lighting, how something is lit
(2:52:10 PM) page: I love communicating without really saying it
(2:52:25 PM) page: that is the crux of obscurantist poetry
(2:52:49 PM) skyspook: It’s beautiful
(2:52:50 PM) page: I like to be free to express myself in a way that is understood and secretly accepted
(2:52:57 PM) page: like… a Trojan horse full of my weirdness
(2:53:17 PM) page: I am moved by the existence of this brand of obscurantism
(2:53:24 PM) page: it is perhaps the thing that defines me most as a person
(2:53:45 PM) page: I believe that clarity is not necessarily linked with precision or transparency
(2:53:56 PM) page: I believe that is the realm of objectification and control
(2:54:08 PM) page: these are spiritual truths to me
(2:54:30 PM) page: I believe language is far more complicated than people give it credit for being
(2:54:52 PM) page: and communication far more varied and difficult


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