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Custom Orders

Custom Orders

One of the refreshing aspects of my 24/7 dynamic with Skyspook is that we do what feels right, communicate, carve out the rules, protocols, and behaviors that feel natural to us.

I, for one, love orders. Love, love, love when Skyspook tells me to do something. That was actually one of the things that tipped me off that I had more of a slave orientation rather than just submissive masochism for pain scenes, etc. I get a rush out of following orders, obeying.

Sure, some of it is wank-worthy. I’ve been ordered to suck him off or to bend over for a whipping/spanking, you know, your standard garden variety sexual orders.

I also have standing orders for domestic service, household chores I do on a regular basis, and if Skyspook wants something special in that regard, he will order me to do a new chores as well or simple tasks like fetching him things.

But I’m delighted most by the unusual orders, the demands no one would ever expect in our power exchange relationship. One favorite involved him requiring me to write a letter to a writer, activist, and professional I look up to a great deal letting her know how much my life has been improved as a result of reading her work and asking for any tips for someone entering her field. It was something I never would have done had he not ordered me. I was flustered, filled with dread, felt foolish, but dug inside myself and obeyed and was pleased that I could do it.

Another interesting order happened this week. Skyspook informed me on Tuesday that we’d be going to see Hunger Games Friday night at the movie theater and that since it was important to read the book first (as it usually is with film adaptations), he was ordering me to read it before then. Granted, it’s a relatively short book, and I enjoyed it enough that it was a quick read, but it was interesting to have another obligation thrown into what was already feeling to me like a pretty full week.

Real-life orders are not always what one thinks of when they think of a 24/7 Master/slave relationship, but they turn my crank anyway.

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