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As of late, I’ve joined a number of forums on Fetlife geared towards slaves, so I can read posts by other people who are interested in the kind of arrangement I’m working toward for a number of reasons. Emotional validation, ideas, learning from the experience of other slaves.


It’s been interesting to say the least.


Sometimes it feels like a museum of horrors.


For example: Recently a slave posted a question of the forum asking if Master asked them to surgically remove all of their teeth so as to perform better blow jobs, would they obey?


I was shocked how many people answered yes and took the line that it wasn’t any different than other forms of body modification, i.e., piercing, tattoos, cosmetic surgery, breast implants, etc.


Two things struck me:


A) No, having no teeth is NOT a cosmetic issue. It affects your ability to eat, speak, etc. It can be profoundly disabling. Dentures, especially ones that fit well, are expensive and can be rather uncomfortable.


B) Give a better blow job? There are ways to shield the penis from your teeth. And if anatomically it’s too difficult, couldn’t they put a mouth guard in or something? I would imagine a smooth mouth guard would feel more pleasant than bony gum sockets.


I try hard not to judge, but ai yai yai. This hypothetical seems like cognitive dissonance at its finest.


Apparently, the original poster of the question went on to clarify that her Master was just messing with her, playing a sadistic joke on her. Fair enough.


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