In my former post, Stranger in a Strange Land, I reference friends of mine as a “lesbian couple.” I hadn’t cleared whether it was kosher or not to mention them on my blog and wasn’t quite sure how to name them/describe them.

Well, this weekend, I met up with them, and they were amused to have been described that way. For one, Cavebabe is pansexual/bisexual, though Pretty’s sexual orientation is lesbian, and  being called a “lesbian” in its noun form has all sorts of weird connotations that talking about “being in a lesbian relationship” does not.  And I understand all that too well that weird jolt of “Wait? She called us that?” After all,  I ran into the same discomfort being called “a bisexual” by my doctor.

So anyway, Cavebabe and Pretty are awesome friends of mine, and they are two kinky women in love with one another. 🙂

I am super fond of  Cavebabe and Pretty  in general – they were extremely warm and welcoming to me when I was new in town and losing my emotional shit over a lot of the stress involved in relocation, job change, breakups, house-switching, and divorce.  Not only that, but they have a really great loving relationship and just radiate good energy when they’re together. I get insane compersion off them and find myself basking in their love glow.

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  1. LOL. No correction necessary. I nearly posted something yesterday and decided it didn’t warrant the attention. Really I just thought it was interesting – a few years ago I would have been offended and felt the need to “defend” myself. Now I’m flexible enough to embrace a variety of labels depending on the situation.

    I appreciate the very lovely words though 🙂

    *big hugs*

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