These Are Not the Doms You’re Looking For

Run, don’t walk, away from the Jedi Dom.

The Jedi Dom is a peculiar creature. He purposely misconstrues your words and intents by wrongly rephrasing what you say whenever the two of you communicate. He does this as often as possible, at every opportunity, gently implying that you mean something you don’t, testing your mental endurance, until you no longer have the energy to correct him anymore. Exhausted, you submit, by agreeing.

He may appear hapless, feckless, benign, especially at the onset. Perhaps he is charming, friendly, interesting.

But over time, the creeping concessions you’ve made infect the relationship dynamic and rot it to its very core. He will treat you not as the person you are, but the person he insists you are. He will abide not by the rules you’ve agreed to, but the ones he thought should have been agreed to.

You might very well stay for far longer than you’d like. If you do manage to leave him, the break-up will be nasty. He will blame you. He will learn nothing. He will call you a liar.

And you’ll realize that he can technically¬† claim that he never knew the things you told him because he never acknowledged that he heard you or understood fully, only the slivers that he picked and chose that suited him, his interests, his ego.

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