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I Can Be Awfully Patient Just As Long As I Feel Like Something’s Being Worked On

I Can Be Awfully Patient Just As Long As I Feel Like Something’s Being Worked On

As I write this post, I have maintenance in my apartment. It’s cold outside. And our heat is only half-working. It’s on its way to dying actually.

After checking all the easy stuff and low-hanging fruit, I made a call to my complex’s emergency maintenance line. And after I explained the issue, they sent someone over.

Really nice guy by the way. Polite. Good communicator. Wore a mask.

Anyway, as it turns out there’s a pretty major issue with the heat. Something they’re likely going to have to tear the apartment wall apart to fix. It appears that there’s a nick in some important wiring somewhere in this large building with hundreds of units. The guy said it could have been as simple as someone hanging a picture on the wrong wall and the nail destroying a connection.

And lucky me, somewhere down the pipeline. I’m the one whose heat is barely working.

But we talked about it. He told me what to expect. We came up with a plan.

My partner and I are going to go out later and purchase a small electric space heater. Thankfully, we do have a room in the apartment we can hole up in with our animals, to give the work crew some space.

Is any of this ideal? No. Do we know how long it’s going to take the workers to fix this? Also no.

But am I frustrated? Stressed? Upset?

No. Because they’re working on it. The guy was honest with me. He’s trying. And we have a plan.

I find this to be the case with relationships too. I can be awfully patient when someone else has issues — so long as they own them, so long as they’re actively working on them, so long as they communicate and it’s clear that they respect me and care that their issues are affecting me.

That’s what matters to me at the end of the day. Not how long it takes to fix.


Exciting news! Poly Land now has a private Discord server. Here’s how to access it.

We’re shaping up to be the Bob Ross/Great British Bake-Off of polyamory groups.

I can honestly say it’s the best group chat I’ve ever been part of (I’m very active in it). It gets more fun and interesting in there every day. We recently added a bunch of new channels and are having some great conversations (about everything you can imagine, really). Hope to talk to you there!

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