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I’m Like a Cat: Occasionally Clingy, But Only Once I’ve Gotten to Know You

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It’s funny… people are always saying that cats aren’t as affectionate as dogs. That they’d cold and barely notice their owners.

But I’ve never had that be the case. Instead, I’ve always been close to cats. They’ve sought me out, shared my bed. Some of them have even been downright clingy. That’s the case with my current cats — a pair of two brothers (adopted, not littermates). They follow me around day and night, finding excuses to be close to me.

In fact, a lot of the time when I’m writing, the younger cat is actually in my arms, demanding to be held while I’m typing. I’m sure my muscles are really idiosyncratic at this point, from all the strange positions I’ve contorted into in order to accommodate him. Not ergonomic at all, I’m afraid. Oh well.

I always wondered how cats got that reputation… for being cold and distant. It’s fair to say that they’re not as forward as dogs. Not as aggressive. But that’s something I like about cats — they’re more gentle. Dogs are a bit much for me. Overwhelming.

And anyway, I wouldn’t say that I’ve ever owned a cat who was cold or distant. It’s just when they’re getting to know you that they keep their distance. While they’re evaluating you, watching you. Seeing if you’re a safe person. A good person.

Frankly, I’m the same way. I’m a lot more like a cat. Oh, sure, I have a way that I’m friendly with strangers. I’m nice enough to people I don’t know. But it’s all surface. I’m not jumping all over them like a dog. I’m not clinging or desperate to win the approval of strangers. It doesn’t make sense to me to spend a lot of energy on people, when I don’t even know who they are and where (if anywhere) they’d fit into my life.

I t end to take the time to get to know people before I invest a lot of time and energy into them (in any arena, honestly).

I’m like a cat — occasionally clingy, but only once I’ve gotten to know you.

In my opinion, there are countless healthy ways to operate in the world. And this is one of them.

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