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When Something Happenstance to You Becomes an Expectation for Someone Else

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This morning I woke up a little earlier than normal. I had a fresh idea for the book I’m writing (Psychic Salvation, the fifth book in the Psychic State series). Not wanting lose it, I went directly to my computer and started writing.

At the time I didn’t think too much of this break from routine.

But my cat Bela had strong opinions about this decision.

The writing was flowing, and I had finished the scene in question and was transitioning to another when Bela happened by my office. He was yowling his head off.

My cat proceeded to jump on my desk, still yowling. A few moments later, he managed to get himself tangled in the cords that connected my laptop to the docking station.

“What is up with you?” I asked my cat, as I struggled to free him from the tangle he’d wound around his body.

And then it hit me. The past week or so, I’d settled into a routine where I’d sit on the couch, caffeinate, read a book, and perhaps do some work on my phone while waking up. Bela inevitably had been wandering over and settling on my lap while I do this.

In hindsight, he has done this every single time.

I skipped that step this morning. I hadn’t noticed. But he sure had. And now I had a truly angry cat.

Sure enough, when I went out to the couch and sat down after freeing him from the cords, he followed me and settled down on my lap. Instantly, the anger and yowling ceased. He relaxed and even purred. Quite content.

And I sat there, knowing that I’d have to move eventually — or else he would — but for the moment we were both enjoying it. In any event, I was highly amused.

I found myself laughing at how something happenstance can become routine — and even expected — by someone else. And how it can result in unexpected consequences.


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