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Happy 3rd Birthday, Poly Land!

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Hey folks. It’s official. Three years ago today, I began posting daily here at this site. And at that same time I made a private commitment to myself and a public commitment to anyone watching at the time that no matter what, I would publish a new article here every single day.

Three years in, and I’ve been able to keep that promise.

Poly Land’s third year was very exciting. This year, I launched my third book Dealing with Difficult Metamours, the first book devoted solely to troubleshooting metamour relationships.

In addition, this year Poly Land was the recipient of  Kinkly’s Reader’s Choice award, the first polyamory-focused blog ever to win that honor. Huzzah!

Readership is continuing to grow. In recent months, our Facebook page has grown to over 100,000 followers. Woah.

Anyway, as is our long-standing birthday tradition, here are the most popular posts from the last year. (Posts that made last years’ lists were ineligible,  see this post for the top posts of our first year and see this post for the second year).

Poly.Land’s Top 10 Most Popular Posts (9/1/2018 – 8/31/2019) #

  1. Why Don’t You Shave Your Legs for Me Anymore?
  2. The 8 Kinds of Love in the Triangular Model of Love 
  3. It’s Possible to Care So Much for So Long That You Run Out of Caring
  4. If You’re Trying to Spot an Abuser, Look for Someone Who’s Emotionally Immature
  5. What Old Relationship Energy Feels Like 
  6. “Is a Relationship Just Friendship With Sex?” 
  7. If You’ve Ever Been Jealousy Baited, You’re Not Alone. And You’re Not Stupid for Trusting People.
  8. My Girlfriend & Metamour Got Married Yesterday. It Was Beautiful. 
  9. Polyamory Life Hack: Gracious Partners and Metamours 
  10. “When a Metamour Resents My Existence, I Feel My Compersion Begin to Die”

My 10 Favorite Posts That Didn’t Make the Previous List

  1. In Order to Be Polyamorous, I Had to Get Over the Idea That It’d Make Me a Bad Bisexual 
  2. Giving Reassurance Is Like Giving Head
  3. The Love Languages Are All Attention 
  4. Ways to Bridge the Gap If Your Partner’s Top Love Language Is Words of Affirmation & Yours Isn’t
  5. What Most People Get Wrong When They Try to Be a Supportive Listener
  6. I Knew I Was in Trouble the First Time You Held Me
  7. When You’re Good at Providing Reassurance, Some People Don’t Even Know You’re Doing It
  8. I’m Missing You More, and Differently, Than I Expected 
  9. 7 Ways to Support People Who Are Estranged From Their Families Over the Holidays
  10. When They Say, “The Hell With Your Life, Step Into Mine”


Thank you so much for reading this past year!

Thank you also to everyone else who makes Poly Land possible, including our supporters on Patreon as well as our staff of guest writers, social media moderators, and tech support helpers.

Onward to year four!

Thank you so much for visiting Poly Land and being a part of what we’re doing here. Y’all are wonderful.


Happy 2nd Birthday, Poly Land!
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Happy Birthday, Poly Land!
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