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Beyond the Love 2016

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Polyamory Relationships

I’m so ridiculously excited right now! Why am I so excited? I just signed up to go to Beyond the Love 2016 in Columbus, Ohio. Beyond the Love is a 3-day polyamory conference (this year being held November 11-13) hosted by some of my favorite poly personalities.

Their speaker list is NO joke. Tikva Wolf of the FABULOUS poly comic Kimchee Cuddles is going to be there hosting workshops, as well as many, many more presenters hashing out some of the more pragmatic and important topics that need addressing once we get past the “yay polyamory” and “OMG I’m so in love” stages.

I mean, look at some of these classes:

Creative Communication Tikva Wolf

The Effects of “The Poly Closet” on Metamours, Ex-metamours, and Pivot Partners Kitty Chambliss

Outside of the Fishbowl: Flirting with wit and verve at sex positive parties Sarah Sloane

Solo Polyships & Balancing Multiple Mates Intimacy ConAmore

Building Better Events and Communities Tim @polychicago

Don’t Mind the (age) Gap Master So’n’So

PolyParenting Susan Porter


Very excited to meet other poly people, talk shop, and have a blast.

They still have a few tickets left but sell out pretty quickly. Last year, they were out of tickets a month before the conference.


The Curse of Polyamorous Competence
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Poly Issues Polyamory Relationships
Decriminalizing Cheating
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Mental Health Polyamory Relationships Sex Positivity
If You Can’t Control Yourself, Don’t Be Polyamorous
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Polyamory Polyamory/Monogamy Relationships