Usual Reasons Why I Don’t Write Back to Friends

  • What you’ve written provokes such a complicated response within me that I feel if I write right away, I’ll misrepresent myself because I don’t quite understand it yet. This could be for emotional or intellectual reasons. I need time to reflect in order to convey these thoughts and feelings accurately.
  • What you’ve written requires a lengthy reply, and I don’t feel like I have the mental fortitude or eloquence to deliver it at the moment.
  • What you’ve written requires me to check with someone else (usually Skyspook), and I need to do that before replying.
  • I don’t realize what you’ve written requires a response (e.g., you’ve asked no questions).
  • I am going through a pocket of horrible social anxiety and am burdened by communicating with anybody, be it in person, on phone, or through text.
  • It’s through text messaging, and I’ve misplaced my phone like a 5-year-old, as I do from time to time.
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