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On Gender Supremacy

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D/S Kink Sex Positivity

I keep running into one disturbing trend as I explore the Master/slave community and Skyspook and I experiment with the dynamic: Male supremacy.

I know, I know. I am a female-bodied person kneeling before a male-bodied person. I call him “Sir,” follow orders, consent as he beats me, degrades me, uses me for his own sexual pleasure. I even do the guy’s laundry.

But I do not, for one second, subscribe to the universal theory of male supremacy or any belief that men are somehow inherently “better” than women. For that matter, I don’t believe the inverse, i.e., that women are somehow “better” than men in some macrocosmic way.

In point of fact, I have yet to see any compelling evidence outside of anecdotal bias or conflation of biological trends that will convince me of much in the way of gender essentialism, much less supremacy.

While I am glad to say that many within the M/s community have seemed much more gender egalitarian than all that, I find that male supremacy as an ideal is still quite prevalent, and seemingly over represented for chance correlation, within the subculture addressing these archetypes.

This presents a few problems:

  • To casual observers, and especially so ones whose only exposure to Master/slave has been in the context of male supremacy,  my slave status could be seen as an endorsement of those beliefs, i.e., my role casts a vote in their mind for an ideology to which I am in reality deeply opposed.
  • The pervasiveness of male supremacy within the Master/slave community further fractures an already small subculture into a smaller segment with which I am comfortable with identifying, further complicating my (albeit mysterious) desire to “fit in,” “belong,” and have some of my core eccentricities, ones that mean a great deal to me emotionally, spiritually, and sexually, accepted and validated.


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