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Legalista, Bridal Consultant

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Leather Family

Something about buying a wedding dress makes the upcoming wedding seem so much more real.

“Page, this is so you!” Legalista says.

I study myself in the mirror. Chic, sexy, elegant, nostalgic. 50’s flavor without being cartoonish about it. It is a style I’d never worn but one that suits me to a T. Me, reimagined.

I turn to the sales lady. “I’ll take it.”


“I really appreciate this, you know,” I tell her.“I’m glad it’s not weird for you. It isn’t weird for you, is it?”

“Oh, Page, seriously, it’s no problem. This isn’t the first time the groom’s ex-girlfriend has taken the bride shopping for the dress.”

“He does have really good taste in women,” I say.

We laugh.

It’s at times like these that I really love my life. Or when Legalista is helping me get into a dress and I warn her about my stretch marks and loose skin, and she replies, “Yes, Page, I know. I read your blog, remember?”

The sales ladies really don’t know what to make of us.


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