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Obscurantista, Friend Recruiter

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Occasionally, I wonder if I belong on “the scene,” curious because I regularly go to parties and events and have even toyed with the idea of teaching a class or two – and then after rejecting or ignoring a few dozen advances, I start to ask myself: Am I in the right place? Or is the scene better left to people who are still looking for play partners, be they mono and unpartnered or poly and not currently saturated?

And then I have a night like one I had last week, and it all makes sense.

A few weeks back, Skyspook and I met Fran, a cool girl who happened to live in our town, at Power eXchange Summit. I friended her up on Fetlife and saw on her profile that she was new to the scene and looking to make friends. It can be really hard to make friends, as hard and sometimes harder than finding a lover. Having a good hunch about Fran, I offered we meet up for coffee, and she accepted.

I know a ton of cool kinky folks around here, so I figured I’d introduce her to a few. My friend Carvin joined us at the coffee house. It was good to catch up with him and how his life was going these days. Fran and I chatted about all manner of things, submission, relationships, area schools, for 3 or 4 hours before deciding to continue the party back at home as Skyspook and J were out of work and at the house. Not long after, my friend Sapphic and her girlfriend LC stopped by to chat and borrow “The Loving Dom,” a book that I thought would help LC get into a good head space as a Top – as she’s the member of that pairing newer to sadomasochism and kink.

The great conversation continued, topped off by pizza and wine.

I paid the price the next day in exhaustion by having so much fun on a work night, but it was well worth it.

I love being a socialite.


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