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sexual compass

sexual compass

Sexual Orientation

I am attracted to people in general. I don’t have a preference when it comes to gonads.

There is also a wide range to what I’m attracted to in terms of secondary sex characteristics and physical attributes and that I lack clear preferences to those as well (height, degree of body hair, breast size, endomorphs, ectomorphs, mesomorphs, hair color, skin color, what have you).

I feel like there is sexual energy in everything I do, that I am essentially made from it. I’m insatiable. It’s a sickness but wonderful. I can’t get rid of it, so I control it. Channel it. Thrive on it.

The world excites me terribly.


I am, among a myriad of things, an emotional masochist, strongly verbally cued, absolutely into mind fucks. I love to dote, to trust, to endure adversity – be it natural or constructed.

I am passionate.

I’m discovering I rather enjoy physical pain and discomfort but am very particular about who I allow to deliver it.

Also mutual grokking is fucking hot.

As far as the D/s binary, I’m more on the submissive side of the scale than the Dominant but very switchy, probably about 70%/30% sub/Dom.

I am very femme in appearance and demeanor because it jibes well with my body’s natural shape but feel like my gender concept is quite a bit more complicated than that, though I’m biologically female in an unambiguous sense. Honestly, I don’t know what the hell I am with regards to gender, but I don’t particularly care (to hell with mimesis and its trappings).

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