Let me tell you about my new boyfriend Skyspook

My new boyfriend has giant hands and smooth, smooth skin. He is an engineer, an inventor, a renaissance man. He is a genius who was raised by hippies in a town without stoplights. A former child prodigy. Brilliant and visionary but humble about it. Generous, adaptive, creative, sincere, kind. He has a young face and an old soul.

He is superlatively sex positive and passionate with a taste for the bizarre and all things bright and beautiful, new and shiny. An autodidact, a fellow polymath.

He’s so tactile he can see with his hands, mend things, fix things, create. He is capable, skilled, mindful, tactful, ethical, and giving – and open. Imminently reasonable.

He has the mind of an architect and the soul of a poet.

I love him and am in complete awe that he loves me, too.

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