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How Bisexual Erasure & Toxic Monogamy Culture Are Linked
·1546 words·8 mins
Ambiamory Bisexuality Polyamory/Monogamy
Reasons Why 5 Ambiamorous People Are Functionally Monogamous…At Least For Now
·1932 words·10 mins
Ambiamory Polyamory Polyamory/Monogamy
Monogamy as a Choice Rather Than a Default: Do We Really Need Yet Another Way to Be Incompatible?
·843 words·4 mins
Advice Friend Polyamory/Monogamy
PQ 18.7 — Do I fully understand my partner’s choice to be monogamous or polyamorous, and am I able to accept my partner for who she is?
·821 words·4 mins
Polyamory/Monogamy PQ Series
PQ 18.4 — Am I prepared to give my monogamous partner time and space to process his feelings about my polyamory?
·953 words·5 mins
Polyamory/Monogamy PQ Series
Without Polyamory, I Probably Never Would Have Dated My Husband
·519 words·3 mins
Polyamory Polyamory/Monogamy
As Monogamy Changes, My Monogamous Friends and I Agree More Often
·645 words·4 mins
I Wasn’t Always Polyamorous. Dating Was Like a Game of Musical Chairs.
·1108 words·6 mins
Polyamory Polyamory/Monogamy Relationships


The War on Christmas. Or Monogamy. Or Something.
·927 words·5 mins
Polyamory Polyamory/Monogamy
Crushing on People in Monogamous Relationships: The Cacti of Tantalus
·358 words·2 mins
Polyamory Polyamory/Monogamy