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We’re Often of Two Minds — It’s Just Not Always Blatant

We’re Often of Two Minds — It’s Just Not Always Blatant

I had one of those dreams last night where I was eating everything.


I can remember being little and going to one of those buffets at the mall that were all the rage in the 80s. You know what I’m talking about. I believe the one that used to be in the Bangor Mall in Bangor, Maine, was called York Steakhouse. It was an awful lot like Sizzler. Or Ponderosa. I guess Golden Corral is the most famous equivalent that still exists.

Anyway, it was a buffet place. And what I can remember most of all was the cart that got rolled around the restaurant topped with desserts. Most of the desserts were pudding parfaits. Just a bit of pudding (in a variety of flavors — chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, pistachio) in a sundae glass crowned with a bit of whipped cream.

But as a child, I was so impressed. I wanted to stop the cart in its tracks and eat all of them. All of them.

I had a dream like that last night. It was euphoric while it was happening.

But I was so glad, when I woke up, that it was only a dream.

It’s a Good Reminder That We’re Often of Two Minds — It’s Just Not Always This Blatant

I predictably went back on a stricter diet recently. (I won’t talk about the particulars because it’s easy for people to get moralistic about their approaches to eating. The broad strokes are that I’m trying to get into good fighting shape so I’ll be fit when I can finally emerge from my pandemic cocoon.)

I find that whenever I do this, I usually will have a dream like this — where I’m noshing on loads of food.

It’s a good reminder that we’re often of two minds. In this case, part of me wants to indulge. To feed. And feed. And feed.

But obviously, my conscious mind doesn’t want this. And when I’m awake, it’s in control (thankfully).

But this isn’t the only time of course that I’m of two minds. I find that in general people are often of two minds. It’s just not always this blatant.

This is what can make change — even positive change — so hard to enact. There is typically always a dissenting opinion buried deep down inside there somewhere.

Featured Image: CC 0 – Pixabay