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That Morning When You Wake Up and Different Music Is Playing

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Relationships Self Improvement

That morning when you wake up and different music is playing, you’ll feel lighter than you have in years.

Things will make sense. You’ll feel like you belong. But not in a way that you disappear by fitting in. You won’t just blend in with the scenery.

No, you’ll be a major character in the scene. A force. And you’ll be surrounded by other major characters. People who are all forces in their own right.

That morning you’ll wake up and know that your entire life has led to this place, to these people, to this purpose, this destiny, this calling.

And when you do, you’ll think to yourself, How could it have ever been anything different than this? Because what previously felt impossible will feel inevitable. You’ll see it all in hindsight.

All the roads that you thought were leading you nowhere, that were a waste of your time and effort, will suddenly make sense. They’ll be part of your preparation, part of your education for this moment. Or at least part of what has made you able to understand and appreciate what you have now.

You won’t be bitter about the hard parts anymore, the ones that hurt. You’ll find them interesting. Maybe even entertaining.

And if you had to watch your past self work their way through those scenes, you’d want to shake their shoulders and say, “Don’t take yourself so seriously. It all works out in the end. You’re not actually alone. You just think you are. All of this is leading somewhere.”

But you know they wouldn’t listen. The morning you’re living in, the music you’re hearing play right now, all of that seems impossible to them. They can’t hear or see any of it. They’ll say something pessimistic, dismissive.

Meeting you would probably just depress them. They’d mistake you for a false hope. A bit of happiness they’ll never have.

So if you’ve woken up and different music is playing this morning, accept that not everyone else is going to hear it. Realize it’s not your mission to get them to hear it. That no one can’t hear it until they’re ready.

And if you can hear the music this morning, feel free to enjoy it.


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