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I Always Knew You Were Worth It, That WE Were Worth It

I Always Knew You Were Worth It, That WE Were Worth It

It’s hard to explain to people who aren’t in our relationship why it was worth working through the hard times. Why I never, not once, seriously entertained ending our relationship. Even though it wasn’t always easy.

Because it wasn’t. We had a rough spot. One that lasted a lot longer than I was used to rough spots lasting. Normally, I’d find that rough spots would either resolve quickly, a simple bump in the road — or they’d spin wildly out of control, causing a mission-critical failure.

And then the relationship would be on its last legs. Not necessarily doomed or irretrievable — but in need of immediate help or else.

No, this was different. It wasn’t small, and it wasn’t giant.

And for the longest time, it didn’t change. It just stayed in this medium-hard place. Where it felt like things were never going to be easy again. But they weren’t going to get any worse. It was a stable known quantity.

And then just as mysteriously, it worked itself out. It felt surreal at first, like an improvement I couldn’t really trust, but as I build more distance between that rough spot and now, I am more and more confident that it’s really gone.

But yeah. I always knew that you were worth it. That we were worth it.

Maybe it’s something about the way you reach for me when you’re half-asleep, the way you trace my body with your hands in a way that makes me feel more seen than seen.

Maybe it’s because I’ve always felt strangely comfortable around you. Or how we’ve always gotten each other on levels that I’m not used to anyone getting me.

I dunno. I honestly don’t know what it is. But I’m glad we’re moving forward. And now that the rough spot is behind us, I’m glad it happened. Because the way we managed it makes me even more certain that we’re right for one another.


Featured Image: CC 0 – Pixabay