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Don’t Apologize for Not Being Perfect. I’m Not Interested in Perfect.

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You don’t need to apologize for being imperfect. I’m not interested in perfect.

It doesn’t exist anyway. Not really. There are no perfect people; only perfect edits.

The best you can ever do is perfect for you. And I really believe you are.

When we first got together, you told me, after I apologized for my baggage, “There’s nothing wrong with going into a new relationship with baggage. What’s more important is that we have a matching set.”

And we do. We complement each other in ways that I didn’t think was realistic to go looking for.

Being with you has been the most amazing well-after-the-fact argument. Finding you proved so many people wrong. Every person who said I was too picky. Or too needy. That I should be more realistic about what a relationship possibly could be. They were so confident when they made those  statements. But they were wrong.

I can also remember people telling me to be careful. They warned me that the fact that I’d fallen so deeply in love with you so quickly (never mind our year or so of friendship before we dated) meant that my sense that we were compatible was suspect. They just assumed it was New Relationship Energy (NRE). And that I couldn’t tell the difference between NRE chemicals and real compatibility. The kind of compatibility that sort of freaks you out, as you discover time and time again that you share so many of the same values. And want to structure your lives very similarly.

But I could tell this was real. I’d done the “head full of love chemicals” thing so many times before. And I could tell this was different.

It felt so good _and _we made sense. A ton of sense.

Ten years later, I can truthfully say that neither of us are perfect. But we are perfect for each other. And the life we’ve built together is absolutely wonderful.


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