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The Quest for Non-Monogamy-Friendly Song Lyrics

The Quest for Non-Monogamy-Friendly Song Lyrics

Hi Page,

Any recommendations for songs with polyamory-friendly lyrics?


Oh man, oh man, have I ever been there. Listening to a romantic song and getting excited – only to get hit in the face with “and you’re my one and only forever and ever” or something like it.

A song lyric that implies that exclusivity is the only way for a relationship to have value. That you have to be strictly monogamous to really relate to.

If you’re in the midst of multiple fulfilling simultaneously occurring romantic relationships, it can be so jarring.  Especially if you’re new to having them and are still adjusting to the idea that love doesn’t have to be exclusive to be valuable.

The ninja musical monogamy lyric attack.

I could have definitely used recommendations myself for polyamory-friendly songs when I was first starting out.

Now, musical taste is very personal — and not every song with non-monogamy-friendly lyrics is going to be your (or my) favorite — but there are a lot of songs out there. And not all of them are about forsaking all others. Some, in fact, celebrate non-monogamy.

Here’s a Spotify playlist I was able to find of explicitly pro-non-monogamy songs. (I didn’t make this; I only found it.)

That should give you a start. I would also suggest starting a database of your own of songs as you find them. (Because again, everyone’s musical taste is a little different, and you may very well stumble on others that suit your purposes because you listen to other genres.)

Readers, Do You Have Recommendations?

I get this question enough that I would also like to ask our readers: Do you have recommendations for other songs that should be added?

The song doesn’t need to be specifically about non-monogamy. The major requirement is that it’s romantic and there isn’t anything in it lyric wise that presumes monogamy/exclusivity.

Also if you know of other playlists similar to the one I’ve linked or good forum discussions you can direct me to, that would be wonderful. My purpose is to create a very large bank, one I can make available as a comprehensive, permanent, well-organized, easily accessible free resource.

Feel free to comment with suggestions, PM them to us, or send them via our contact form.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Featured Image: CC 0 – Pixabay