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Poly Land Is Officially Back From Vacation and Ready to Roll

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Heya folks,

As I mentioned in a recent previous post, Poly Land recently went on an end-of-the-year vacation.

I have two bits of good news to report about that:

  1. Everything went really smoothly under the auspices of the auto-scheduler and AI assistant (honestly, way more smoothly than anyone expected).
  2. We’re back!

Where I’ve Been

I had a blast on vacation. I was able to travel to San Diego (my first time there) and spend a few days checking out the famous San Diego Zoo, La Jolla tidepools, and Balboa Park before heading out to spend a week in Mexico (it was also my first time there).

San Diego and Mexico were both a big change from typical December weather in Cleveland, Ohio, that’s for sure. So it was weird — but nice — to get out of the cold and snow.

For most of my trip, I either had patchy or no Internet access, so I was able to unplug and enjoy the sights, no willpower required. And not spend all my time fretting over what’s going on in cyberspace. This was a really profound and restorative change. I’m feeling very mentally refreshed as a result.

A big highlight of my trip was hanging out with the pelicans, magnificent frigatebirds, and an elderly chihuahua named Chester on a tour of an estuary in Mazatlán, a Mexican port town known for commercial fishing. I had many good days on my trip, but that one was basically perfect — one I’ll be thinking about for a while.

I arrived back home in Cleveland at 1 am on New Year’s Eve. Didn’t get to bed until nearly 4 am and upon awakening had to prep for and then host a large NYE party at my house that evening, jetlag be damned. Hosting a party so soon upon arrival was a whirlwind but a total blast. It’s always so great to see my friends.

Happy New Year, everyone!

What Happens Now

So what happens now? Well, humans are minding the store again (so to speak). The auto scheduler and AI assistant have both been relieved of their intensive vacation duties.

I’m working through writing back to the (many) reader mails that have accumulated in my absence. Some of those might be answered by the volunteer admins, depending on what they are. But yeah, there’s quite a backlog, but we’re doing our best.

I have a few close freelancer deadlines I need to jump on really quickly here (as I do extra writing jobs outside of Poly Land and writing books to help make ends meet) that have sprung up while I was on vacation. But in addition to working on those articles, I will be writing and posting new essays for you all here!

Which is a good thing, since yesterday’s post on vulnerability and insecurity was the last thing I had queued up in advance (I wrote it a few weeks back, shortly before I left for vacation).

Some of those upcoming posts will be about the trip, things I saw, epiphanies I had because of them. Look for those to start tomorrow. Exciting stuff.

But in any event, I wanted to let you all know _officially _that I am back. And also to thank you for reading and being part of everything running so smoothly in my absence.

I’m excited about 2019. Lots of cool things planned.

Thanks again,




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