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PQ 5.4 — When I think about the future, what does it look like? Is there room for change and growth?

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PQ Series

PQ 5.4 — When I think about the future, what does it look like? Is there room for change and growth? (see also 2.4 and 2.5)


Chapter 5 is turning into the repeat-y-est chapter to date as far as questions I’ve already pretty much answered. Here are PQ 2.4 and PQ 2.5, where I covered similar territory:

PQ 2.4 — If my relationship changes, is that okay?

PQ 2.5 — Can I accommodate change, even unexpected change or change I don’t like?


Poly Land is not primarily a political blog. That said, I have overtly discussed the post-election US political climate in two blog posts so far:

  1. The Way Forward – I extensively describe how I ended up in and eventually left an abusive relationship at 19, drawing some obvious parallels between my ex-boyfriend and then President-Elect Trump. I wrote this piece a few hours after I heard Trump had won the election.
  2. The Posthocalypse: Allyship and Imperfect Activism – I recount traveling deep into the red part of Ohio a few days after the election results to do a seminar with a group of nurse managers on holiday stress. And what I do when the attendees say things that are subtly bigoted. All the while exploring the feelings that what I’m doing to help the Big Picture isn’t enough.

Since I wrote these two posts, President Trump has taken office. I’m writing this essay on Friday, January 27, 2017, at the end of his first week officially on the job. A lot of surprising/not surprising, shocking/not shocking things have happened this week.

And it’s Week 1.

And as I write this, I’m scheduling it to come out on the blog, Thursday, February 9. Just a few weeks in the future. (Provided I don’t shuffle the order a little bit, as I’m prone to do if I later think a slight change in order makes sense to break up tedium or for other style reasons).

But everything is so uncertain.

I can honestly say I don’t know what’s going to happen politically between today (when I write this) and 2 weeks later (when it comes out, the earliest you’ll read this).

This is a very unpredictable time.

What I can say? Is that yes, you can bet your boots that there will be room for change and growth.

Because there always is. Especially now.

After all the old Chinese curse goes, “May you live in interesting times.”


This post is part of a series in which I answer each of the chapter-end questions in More than Two with an essay. For the entire list of questions & answers, please see this indexed list.



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