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Pragmatically Chosen Family: A Checklist

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Leather Family
  • A friend who does a fantastic “bitch face”
  • A friend who is a lawyer, works for a lawyer, or has general legal savvy
  • Someone who is hilarious when you get a few drinks into them
  • A friend with much better fashion sense than you have
  • Someone with fabulous taste in shoes who shares your shoe size
  • An expert in navigating public transportation
  • Someone with excellent proofreading skills
  • Someone who will tell you that you’re not crazy to feel a certain way when you really need someone to
  • Someone not afraid to tell you “no” when you’re completely out of line
  • A friend who can fix cars or can recommend a good place where the mechanics won’t cheat you
  • A photographer
  • A sexpert
  • Someone with a good handle on graphic design
  • A mixer of awesome cocktails
  • Someone who knows all the gossip
  • A massage therapist


Haters Gonna Hate
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Leather Family Psychology
Obscurantista, Friend Recruiter
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Kink Leather Family
·755 words·4 mins
D/S Family of Origin Kink Leather Family Mental Health Misc Survival