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Mission Almost Accomplished

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D/S Kink Relationships School

Four weeks ’til graduation.

It’s quite odd to be this close to completing what has been the most elaborate and involved order from Skyspook so far, finishing my bachelor’s degree, long delayed by life. By all accounts, I’ve done extremely well. I’m actually earning two bachelor’s degrees (picked up a second major after my first year and ran with it) and will graduate summa cum laude (dirty-sounding Latin for highest honors).

It hasn’t been easy, although I like to dismiss it by saying it was.

I continue to be frustrated by Skyspook, how he has worked to ensure I develop a sense of individual autonomy, how he gives orders that involve my acting as an independent agent (going to school, applying myself, standing out there as a superb student), how he cares how I feel and think, and how he never pushes me as close to that bleeding edge of dementedness and depravity as I think I should go, but I remain terribly in love with him in spite of all of these things. If I were a more conventional person, I suppose I would even appreciate these things about him.

But instead, I sulk and claw my way to health (and even excellence?) per his orders.



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